31-05-14 Tesco Deliveries
I thought this day would never come to our far-flung corner of Scotland, and I've said as much to a number of people before now...

Supermarket giant Tesco are going to begin deliveries of on-line orders to Kinlochbervie!

[Tesco Deliveries to Kinlochbervie]It's understood that the Wick branch of Tesco - who already deliver to locations along the north coast - will be extending their service as far as Kinlochbervie.
The plan is that they will park-up in the carpark of the Kinlochbervie Hotel for two hours to allow people to collect their orders - and maybe take the opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of cake!

Starting in next month, the initial schedule will be to deliver twice a week to Kinlochbervie but this may increase if there is sufficient demand.

The general feeling seems to be that the local shops should be unaffected because most people already do their main shop outwith the area, at Ullapool or Dingwall or Inverness. That remains to be seen - certainly no-one would like to see our local shops suffer as a result.

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