31-05-13 RDF History Sought
A letter appears in today's Northern Times from a friend of mine from further south, Martin Briscoe.

Martin has an interest in military history and is enquiring about the former wireless direction finding station on the hilltop above Blairmore and Sheigra.

The station would have been operated by the Royal Navy during World War II and used to locate German U-boats and other vessels in the North Atlantic.

[Radio Direction Finding Station, Sheigra, near Kinlochbervie]If anyone has any information about the station then Martin would love to hear from you. His address is at the bottom of his letter, reproduced below.
[Radio Direction Finding Station, Sheigra, near Kinlochbervie]

Sir - I have found reference to a WW2 Royal Navy Wireless Direction Finding Station at Sheigra, near Kinlochbervie, and I wonder is anyone has any further information about it.

The site was found by looking at the area on Google Earth and the postwar aerial photographs.

This is a concrete path leading up to the site and originally there seemed to be a structure at the bottom of the track. I thought the contrete path could perhaps have been a cover for a cable duct or pipe under it.

The building is long and narrow, there were four masts (probably 100ft) around the site, each connected by a trench to the building.

There was a suggestion that there could have been an earlier Post Office station in the area.

Martin Briscoe, 2 Peebles Place, Fort William.

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