31-05-10 Beautiful Bank Holiday
Another lovely day today in our tiny corner of Scotland.

The Oldshoremore carpark was full by lunchtime and the beach was a hive of activity with people on the sands, roaming the machair, and even in the water!

Rockpooling is a favourite pastime and there was plenty to see if you had sharp eyes and were prepared to be a little patient.
[Spider Crab at Oldshoremore, Kinlochbervie]
Spider crab.
[Sea Hares at Oldshoremore, Kinlochbervie]
Sea hares; a type of sea slug.
[Sea Urchin at Oldshoremore, Kinlochbervie]
Pretty sea urchin.
[Flatfishat Oldshoremore, Kinlochbervie]
A flatfish, possibly a Brill or Sole. Roughly 30cm long.
[Arctic Terns at Oldshoremore, Kinlochbervie]
Arctic Terns.
[Oldshoremore Beach, Kinlochbervie]
Oldshoremore beach.

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