31-03-12 Wind Turbine Starts Producing
[WindKinlochbervie's first commercial wind turbine began operations this week.

The turbine, an Evance Iskra R900, has been erected at the Highland Council's depot between Kinlochbervie and Oldshoremore, but generates just 5kW of electricity under ideal conditions.

To put this in perspective a single-bar electric heater consumes 1kW/hr and a tumble dryer typically uses around 3kW/hour, so it isn't exactly lighting the streets or keeping the 'home lights burning'.

Highland Council has come under criticism for lodging and approving its own planning application for the wind turbine at a time when community councils throughout the region were disbanded and pending re-election.

Despite objections from local residents that Highland Council wait until the newly elected community council had had an opportunity to discuss the plan it approved its own application regardless. Read into that what you will.

It's also worth comparing the actual height of the turbine with Highland Council's own impression reported in our entry for 21 Oct 2011: Web Link

This view shows the wind turbine, as seen from the war memorial.
[Wind Turbine at Kinlochbervie]

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