28-09-10 Joint Warrior 102
[Joint Warrior 102 - Coming to Kinlochbervie]It's that time of year once again when the combined armed services of a number of nations descend upon our corner of the British Isles to engage in the twice-annual exercise known as Joint Warrior.

Ships and submarines, land-based troops, and aircraft will all be involved in the exercises and one familiar vessel already confirmed as participating is HMS Penzance which paid a visit to Kinlochbervie at the beginning of May 2009.

Joint Warrior 102 will take place from 4-14 October 2010 and already there is increased naval activity in the Minch.

The briefing notes for fishing boats and ferries (and anyone else that's interested) can be found in the Documents section above.

Around this time last year a group of soldiers in an HGV transporting equipment for the exercises caused considerable damage to the bridge at Laxford when they carelessly struck the parapet and sent their vehicle tumbling into the Laxford River beneath.

The bridge was closed to all vehicles for a short time and heavy vehicles for considerably longer, resulting in a substantial diversion via the north coast road.

Let's hope they'll be a little bit more careful this time around...

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