28-08-09 Friday Foghorn
[BCK264 Sparkling Star III in Kinlochbervie]Friday dawned grey and wet as the tail-end effects of Hurricane Bill made it across the Atlantic but, as is so often the case, Kinlochbervie seems to have escaped the direst warnings of the weather forecasters so far.

There's quite a lot of activity in the harbour today with the freighter MV Fame delivering feed for the fishfarms in the area and the tanker Henty Pioneer delivering fuel oil to Loch Clash.

The fishing boats Loch Inchard II (UL44), Sparkling Star III (BCK264) and Enterprise (BF1) are also in the harbour, and it will be interesting to see whether any more arrive this afternoon to take shelter from the gales predicted for the weekend.

[BF1 Enterprise II landing her catch in Kinlochbervie][The catch going into the market at Kinlochbervie]
[A regular visitor hoping for a free meal in Kinlochbervie harbour]Enterprise II landing her catch on the quay.

Boxes of fish ready for sale in the market.

One of several seals that regularly follow the fishing boats into Kinlochbervie harbour, hoping for a free meal...
[Henty Pioneer in Loch Clash, Kinlochbervie]

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