28-03-11 Give Blood in May
[Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service coming to Kinlochbervie]The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service are coming back to Kinlochbervie in May, a year after their last visit.

Last year's session was the first for a very long time and was very well attended - so well, in fact, that people were being turned away towards the end.

They'll be drawing blood donations on Tuesday, 24 May 2011, with sessions between 2pm and 4:15pm, and 5pm and 7pm.
[Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service coming to Kinlochbervie]
The ScotBlood website says that the mobile donations unit will be located at the harbour, just like last time, but I understand that in fact they will be using the Village Hall - a much better location and they should be able to process more people, too.

An appointments schedule will be being sent out shortly and you can reserve yourself a slot by adding your name to it. They tell us this will be sent to the village shop.

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