28-02-12 Russa Taign to Norway
The fishing boat Russa Taign (K1102) has been sold - a victim of the continued closure of Faroese fishing grounds to the Scottish fleet.

The vessel, seen here in Kinlochbervie last year, has been sold to a Norweigian owner and will be renamed the Haltentral.

The dispute over access to Faroese waters is entering its third year after UK/EU ministers failed yet again to reach an agreement with Iceland and the Faroes who have massively increased the amount of Mackerel their boats can catch.

The Faroese waters are vitally important to the Scottish whitefish fleet who traditionally fish the waters off the west and northwest of Scotland. Without Mackerel they are having to stay in harbour or take unsuitable contracts as oil rig safety vessels.

The general feeling is that not enough is being done to resolve this dispute or to provide additional quota that would enable the west coast boats to continue fishing until such time as the Faroese waters are available once again.
[Russa Taign in Kinlochbervie]

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