27-02-14 Meeting to Discuss Groundings
Representatives from NHS Scotland, the Scottish Ambulance Service, and Bond Air Services will be attending Kinlochbervie Community Council's meeting on Tuesday evening to explain the reasons for stopping night-time landings by the Air Ambulance at Kinlochbervie's helipad.

[Scottish Air Ambulance G-SASB at Kinlochbervie]The plug was pulled on after-dark landings at Kinlochbervie towards the end of last year because of safety concerns and ever since then the community council has been trying to get details of exactly what these concerns are and what has changed.

The story was to have been covered in this week's edition of the Northern Times however it was spiked due to lack of space but can still be found on the newspaper's website at www.northern-times.co.uk

The decision has perplexed everyone locally as nothing has changed so why has it suddenly become too dangerous to land here?

Emergency medivac transport will still be available via HM Coastguard or Royal Navy helicopter but the withdrawl of the Scottish Air Ambulance is seen by some locally to be another example of an essential service being removed due to our remote location.

Already there is grave concern over staffing levels of the ambulance based here, with two of the five positions being vacant for some considerable length of time and the part-time employment status of the ambulance crews.

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