26-07-09 Jellyfish ID
[MCS Guide to Jellyfish - Kinlochbervie beaches]Small numbers of jellyfish have been washing-up on local beaches recently and people have been asking whether they should be worried about being stung.

For the most part these are Blue jellyfish and Moon jellyfish which have only a mild sting, so don't worry too much about meeting one in the water or on the beach.

Be on the lookout for for the Lion's Mane jellyfish, however, which is a dark red colour and can give you a nasty sting, even hours after death. Luckily these are much less common this far north.

Jellyfish are a favourite food for turtles and the Marine Conservation Society are interested in recording sightings. They publish a very useful guide to jellyfish identification on their website.
[Lions Mane Jellyfish]

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