26-01-10 HMIe Report Released
[Kinlochbervie High School HMIe Report Released]The latest HMIe report on Kinlochbervie High School has now been released to the public.

The report can be found online on the HMIe's website by clicking on the following [LINK].

The HMIe also released a report on the Learning Community. You can view that by clicking on this [LINK].

Also a reminder that the Parent Council will be holding a meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday 27 January 2010, at 7:30pm in the High School.

Parents are welcome to attend open meetings such as this one.
[Kinlochbervie High School HMIe Report Released]
The Parent Council currently has only six seats filled out of a maximum of twelve. If you have an interest in the future and running of the High School please consider volunteering to become a council member.

[BBC News features Kinlochbervie]UPDATE: The school report caught the eye of the BBC who wrote a short news piece on it. You can find it on the BBC News website by clicking on this [LINK].
One of the problems faced by schools as small as ours is that it only takes a tiny change in the number of pupils achieving good results to make a large difference in the perceived percentage statistics. Of course that works both ways, but it does result in misleading comparisons being made with national averages and larger schools who are more able to absorb blips in their results figures.

Should you feel that the BBC item is unfair, as I do, you can email your comments to the BBC at this email address: newsonline.complaints@bbc.co.uk

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