25-11-09 Mission Impossible II
It's been a little over twelve months since the Mission closed its doors in Kinlochbervie and there is skant sign of it re-opening despite having been sold to a local man.

According to KLB Community Council minutes, when asked about his plans during the summer he declined to comment.

The Mission once enjoyed the reputation of serving the best fish and chips on the west coast.

Contrast this with Lochinver whose Mission closed in April 2009 and which is now at the centre of a community project to purchase and re-develop the building.

It is intended to provide a cafeteria/restaurant, lobster hatchery and marine life centre, bunkhouse accommodation, and marine archive and laundry.
[Former Fishermens Mission in Kinlochbervie]
Latest news and information on the Lochinver Community Mission Project can be found on their website at www.lochinvermission.org.uk

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