25-03-10 Newsround
A brief round-up of some of what's been happening in our corner of the world recently...

The Highland Council's engineers have been busy down at the harbour connecting electricity to the pontoon moorings near to the harbour entrance.

Since these were installed last April they've proven popular with both resident and visiting pleasure craft.

For vessels heading round Cape Wrath Kinlochbervie provides either the first or last moorings, depending which way you're going.
[Tu160 and Tornado, RAF Pictures]
Engineers working for T-Mobile are in the village at the moment performing an upgrade to the telephone mast to provide it with 2G and 3G capabilities.

Once activated this should see much better mobile internet access and other sophisticated functionality.
We're used to the sound of low-flying RAF jets passing close to (and sometimes directly over) the village as they head out to the bombing range at Cape Wrath but a BBC News report this week tells how RAF interceptors chased-off Russian supersonic Tu160 bombers that had entered UK airspace.

In scenes reminiscent of the Cold War the Tornados from RAF Leuchars were scrambled and intercepted the bombers somewhere over the Minch near Stornoway.

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