24-06-09 It Came From The Sky
A microlight pilot came down to earth with a bump last weekend when his aircraft crash-landed at Sandwood Bay.
[Microlight plane on Sandwood beach near Kinlochbervie, photo from John Muir Trust website]The pilot, Keith Brown, had intended only to touch his wheels on the sand but the soft nature of the beach at Sandwood caused his aircraft to dig-in, sending its nose groundwards.

Fortunately neither pilot nor aircraft suffered serious injury, and Mr Brown was able to walk the four miles from the beach to fetch help.

The aircraft was subsequently dismantled and carried, section by section, to the main road from where it will be transported back to its home base in Bedfordshire.

Sandwood Bay is managed by the John Muir Trust and a full account of the incident can be found here on their website: JMT Website

The pilot of the last aeroplane to land on Sandwood beach wasn't so fortunate.

Although uninjured, Flt Sgt Kilburn of the RAF had to abandon his Spitfire in 1941 as no means of recovering it could be found.
Remains of the wreckage can still occasionally be seen poking up through the sands.

The full story was the subject of an article earlier this year:> The Sandwood Spitfire

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