23-08-13 Explosion Rocks KLB
This morning's peace and quiet was shattered by the sound of a loud explosion!

Coastguards had been alerted to the discovery of a phosphorus flare that had been washed up in a little bay off of Loch Inchard.

A bomb disposal team performed a controlled explosion that destroyed the flare.

Phosphorus flares are used by the armed forces. They remain relatively harmless whilst wet but if they get washed ashore and start to dry out any remaining phosphorus can re-ignite with the potential for causing serious burns if someone were to pick one up.

If you happen to come across one please do not touch it or attempt to move it. Instead phone 999 and ask for the Coastguard.
[Phosporus Flare - Kinlochbervie]
[Explosion rocks Kinlochbervie peace and quiet]

From: Suzanna
Date: 23-08-13

So the mystery is solved. Thanks for circulating this information. It was very loud in Badcall Inchard and we wondered what on earth had caused it. The strangest thing was that the plume of smoke that followed the bang came from a remote bay across the water.

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