23-05-11 Faroese Fishing Frustration
Kinlochbervie has featured prominently in the Fishing News the last couple of weeks as the effects of the closure of Faroese fishing grounds become clearer.

The European Union failed to secure an agreement with the Faroe Isles this year over fishing quotas resulting in west coast vessels being excluded from the fertile grounds where they habitually spend up to as much as half of the year.

As a result boats may be forced to fish in the North Sea and/or spend a substantial amount of time in port when quotas are exhausted, and of course fish caught in the North Sea will be landed in the east coast ports - not here in Kinlochbervie - which will have serious consquences for the local economy and businesses.

The 'powers that be' appear resigned to there being no Faroese fishing this year and ignorant of the effects of further-reduced quotas on the whitefish fleet and associated communities like Kinlochbervie.

A solution might be to release more quota for the west coast vessels to fish in Scottish waters until the Faroese situation can be resolved but there would no doubt be opposition from the environmentalists, but of course they tend not to live or earn a living here.
[Endeavour IV (BF515) in Kinlochbervie]
With a new Scottish Parliament in place perhaps now is a good time to write to your MSP and voice your concerns.
Our representative at Holyrood is Rob Gibson and his email address is Rob.Gibson.msp@scottish.parliament.uk

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