22-12-09 Wonkas World
The village hall was packed yesterday afternoon for the Primary School's performance of "Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory".

[Kinlochbervie Primary School Performs Willy Wonka

The children all did very well and both costumes and the set were very imaginative. Well done everyone.

Unfortunately the evening performance had to be cancelled due to the weather conditions.

Yesterday was also the Winter Solstice - the shortest day of the year.
From now on the days will begin to get just that little bit longer - although it'll be a few weeks before we start to notice any difference.
[Kinlochbervie Primary School Performs Willy Wonka

As per the forecast, the High School is closed again today. Unfortunately this also means the dance is cancelled, too.

The Primary will be opening a little late at 11am.

UPDATE: No school tomorrow, either Primary or High.

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