22-11-09 Vintage Stuff
Local history is a subject a lot of people are interested in, and having recently moved house I was particularly pleased to come across this Ordnance Survey map of the Kinlochbervie area from 1875.

This is just a small section of a map held at the National Library of Scotland and shows the area around Loch Bervie, the church, and the Kinlochbervie Hotel.

A closer look reveals the road down from the hotel that is now just a path, the route of the old road around the front of the church and across to the Manse where there was a turning circle, presumably for carriages, and my house on the shores of Loch Bervie.

The full sheet is much bigger than this and shows a lot more of the surrounding area. It's interesting to compare it to present day, and what is and isn't still there.

[Kinlochbervie in 1875]

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