22-04-10 Road Closed
[Lorry Blocks Road to Oldshoremore, Kinlochbervie]The road to Oldshoremore Beach was blocked today by a lorry that had gone into a ditch.

despite the best efforts with a truly huge 4WD tractor the truck, believed to be carrying a load of hardcore, refused to budge.

As it stands, at the time of penning this item, the road remains closed to vehicles but passable by pedestrians.

We'll see on the morrow whether the road will be re-opened.

[Update: the truck was recovered and the road was open again by Friday morning.]

Comment from Dave (armourcentre.mod.uk): "At least it's not the army this time."
[Lorry Blocks Road to Oldshoremore, Kinlochbervie][Lorry Blocks Road to Oldshoremore, Kinlochbervie]

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