22-01-13 Quayside Capers
[Kinlochbervie Harbour]Last week Kinlochbervie harbour office was host to Mike Palmer, head of the Sea Fisheries Division, and other representatives from Marine Scotland as part of their series of 'Quayside Conversations' with fishermen and other people involved with fishing and aquaculture.

Despite the meeting being held at 6pm on a Friday evening the meeting was well-attended.

Amongst the topics raised was the validity of the science used to estimate fish stocks, excessive discards, attracting younger people to fishing as a career, net designs, discarded mackerel tainting other species, failure to agree access to Faroes fishing grounds, refridgeration of the market building, new weight-checking regulations, foreign vessels accessing closed areas, sex-change prawns and sexy net designs, and redistribution of quota/licenses to support an inshore fishing fleet. (My apologies if I've missed anything from this list.)
Accompanying Mike Palmer were David Terry (Regulation and Licensing), John Bruce Compliance), and Billy McBain (Fishery Officer at KLB).

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