21-12-09 High School Closed
[Kinlochbervie High School Closed Due To Bad Weather]Kinlochbervie High School is closed today due to the bad weather preventing transport of pupils to or from the school.

The problems for any school faced with bad weather are three-fold:
  • Can the teaching and support staff get in?
  • Can the pupils get to school?
  • Will the pupils be able to get home again?
Whilst the children living in the immediate area can get to school OK those living further away rely on minibuses and it is these that are posing the problem.

The Primary School is open as normal but this evening's performance of the play is cancelled. The afternoon performance will go ahead as planned, at 2pm in the village hall.

Details of schools that are closed can be found on the Highland Council's website at www.schoolclosures.highlandschools.org.uk
[Kinlochbervie High School Closed Due To Bad Weather]
With only a couple of days left until the start of the Christmas holidays unless there is a sudden change in the weather it's possible that the High School won't re-open until after the New Year.

However Ian Smith reminds me that a forecast is only that: a forecast. No-one should assume the school will be closed tomorrow. Parents should contact the school or refer to the website above to check its status in the morning.

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