21-11-10 Community Projects Meeting
[Kinlochbervie Community Development Meeting]Last week's Community Development Meeting was very well attended, with some 30 to 40 people present.

This was also an opportunity for the new Community Project Co-ordinator, Fiona Donaldson, to be introduced to those present. Fiona and her husband are the proprietors of the Old School Restaurant and Rooms, at Inshegra, by Kinlochbervie.

The role of the Project Co-ordinator was explained - to organise and assist groups with projects they want to take forward.

The Community Company brought people up to date with current projects, such as the aquisition of the old harbour at Loch Clash. This project has reached the point where everyone involved is in agreement but is on hold pending funding.

Suggestions were then invited from those attending for projects and ideas that would benefit the community.
Amongst these were:
  • Community Buy-out of the Kinlochbervie Estate
  • Community Owned Wind Turbine(s)
  • Blue Flag status for Oldshoremore Beach
  • Re-opening of the former Mission building
  • Restoration of the derelict Telford manse
  • Restoration of the old mill at Oldshoremore
  • Flower tubs, hanging baskets, or a community garden
  • A half-marathon or 10K run, similar to the Cape Wrath Challenge
Various items were also suggested that require to be addressed in order to revitalise the area:
  • Visitors need a reason to turn off the main road
  • Many visitors come to KLB but leave again without getting out of their cars
  • Lack of suitable housing means families leave the area
  • Lack of jobs put off people from coming to live here
  • Lack of suitable premises prevents people setting up their own businesses
There was a general agreement that tourism would become an increasingly important factor in the future and sustainability of Kinlochbervie and the surrounding communities.

In closing the meeting people were reminded of Fiona's role and how to contact her. She can be reached on telephone at 07979 541784, and by email to klbfiona@aol.com

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