21-08-15 Superfast Broadband Update
Kinlochbervie will be included in the superfast fibre optic upgrade - its definite!

[Kinlochbervie to get high speed broadband]At a meeting before Tuesdays 'Loch Clash and Beyond' meeting Roy Kirk of Highlands and Islands Enterprise confirmed Kinlochbervie was included in the roll-out and it is hoped the work will be completed by the end of 2016.

There is a snag, however.

Most rural properties in the Highlands are connected directly to the telephone exchange unlike urban areas where properties are connected to a distribution cabinet on the street.

The plan for Kinlochbervie is to install a distribution cabinet somewhere central and to lay fibre optic cable to this, and then connect individual properties to this cabinet using copper wire. Logic suggests this will be somewhere either close to or even inside the telephone exchange on Dog Lane but BT Openreach haven't stated this yet.

The result of this is that the further from the exchange you are situated the lower your broadband speed will be, just as at present, and it may not be possible to upgrade the more remote settlements at all.

It isn't all doom and gloom for those of us who will not be able to take-up this upgrade. Having had a definitive answer from HIE means that Community Broadband Scotland can now get involved and suggest alternative ways in which this section of the community can boost their connection speeds, such as satellite or microwave solutions. In fact it may even be possible to connect properties that do not even have a telephone line installed in this way.

HIE and Community Broadband Scotland, in conjunction with the Community Company and Community Council, are planning another public meeting in the very near future where all of these options can be explored and your questions answered. As soon as we know the date we'll let you all know.

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