21-01-14 Ambulance Update
Last week's public meeting over the ambulance staffing crisis was very well attended.

Graham MacLeod, Head of A&E Services, explained that a proposal had been put to the current staff that would raise their employment status to full-time but this would come with the conditions that they'd commit to training to be paramedics as well as reducing the number of staff from five to four.

There were many excellent representations made by local residents questioning both the Ambulance Service's decision making processes and the practicality of ambulance staff receiving the necessary 750 hours of mentored training before becoming qualified as paramedics.

The ambulance service's statistics with regards to the number of times the Kinlochbervie ambulance had been in use were disputed by the local staff and medical professionals, with the opinion being that the official figures were substantially lower than had actually taken place.
Scottish Ambulance Service

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