21-01-13 Recent Shipping Visitors
We've had some shipping comings and goings lately. Here's a few photos for you.

[Isis discharging a large consignment of rock salt and grit for the roads.]
The cargo ship Isis arrived with many tonnes of rock salt destined for the roads.
[A ex-lifeboat from the Borgholm Dolphin oil rig begins a new life in KLB.]
This ex-lifeboat from the oil rig Bergholm Dolphin has started a new life of leisure in Kinlochbervie.
[INS564 Artemis arriving in Kinlochbervie.]
The fishing boat Artemis entering the harbour with a load of fish.
[The tug Challenger of Leith paying a visit to KLB]
The rather diminutive tug Challenger of Leith spent the night here, having sailed around the entire north of Scotland.
[The tug Challenger of Leith paying a visit to KLB]
A much lighter Isis leaving Kinlochbervie whilst the Challenger of Leith waits to enter the harbour. Snowy Foinaven in the distance.

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