20-12-13 Laxford Bridge Hazards
Concerns continue to be raised about road safety on the approach to Laxford Bridge following Highland Council's road-widening works carried out over the summer.

[Laxford Bridge, near Kinlochbervie]
Furthermore, as vehicles approach the bridge from the north it isn't actually possible to see whether there is anything already on the bridge until they have driven round the obstruction by which time it may be too late to avoid a collision.

These concerns were raised with Highland Council prior to completion of the road improvements but it was plain that they weren't interested in modifying the plan.

Perhaps someone from their roads division would be interested in seeing the problem at first hand, before someone is killed or seriously injured?
Millions of pounds were spent widening the single-track section of the A838 to the immediate north of Laxford Bridge but nothing was done about the bridge itself which remains capable of carrying traffic in only one direction at a time.

Whilst investment in the infrastructure is welcome here a plan that only goes part of the way to resolving the problem is pointless, and some might say that it has actually increased the risk of a collision.

Traffic heading south onto the bridge has to negotiate a small 'island' of soil that has been laid across the road forming a chicane, with the intention being of slowing traffic down. As can be seen from the photograph, this has proven to be inadequate and traffic has just driven through it.
[Laxford Bridge, near Kinlochbervie]

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