20-12-09 Truck Stop
[Kinlochbervie cut-off by jack-knifed lorry]
[Kinlochbervie cut-off by jack-knifed lorry]
Road links to Kinlochbervie were blocked yesterday after an articulated lorry jack-knifed on its way down the Big Brae.

The fire brigade and other emergency services turned-out, despite it being the evening of their Christmas Dinner.

This drama co-incided with a village trip to Inverness to see a pantomime production of Jack and the Beanstalk, which I'm sure everyone will agree was a fantastic production.

With the coach unable to reach the village the fire crew ferried passengers and other stranded motorists back into the village before resuming their celebrations.

[Kinlochbervie Trip to Panto]
<--[Special thanks to Shaun for the truck photos]

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