20-01-13 Pre-School Update
Can babies paint? Can they ever! This young Picasso was enjoying every minute of it in a full-body immersion only a true modernist master could appreciate.

[The following is an update received from the Kinlochbervie Gaelic Toddler group]

The paint is entirely non-toxic: it’s only flour, food colouring and warm water mixed to a soft, gloopy consistency which is remarkably pleasant to the touch and makes lovely squelchy noises at the same time.

The wee one, who is eight months old and normally puts everything straight into his mouth, only tried licking it twice and found the taste neither revolting nor yummy and so he simply concentrated on spreading it on his hands, his body, his face, the tarpaulin he was sitting on and the piece of paper by his side (which will no doubt take pride of place in his gallery of masterpieces).

This activity was one of a range of ‘messy play’ activities promoted within the setting of Na Dannsairean, the Gaelic parent and toddler group who meet on Thursdays at Kinlochbervie Pre-school Centre. It is open to everyone and no knowledge of Gaelic is necessary. The children enjoy singing, rhymes, active music-making and a very wide range of play experiences.

The play activities are particularly important and are supported by the CALA development worker.
[Kinlochbervie Pre-School]
To quote from the Scottish National Guidance entitled Pre-Birth to Three: Positive Outcomes for Scotland’s Children and Families, “Children learn by using their senses, for example to investigate shape, taste and texture.

The resources available for use, both indoors and outdoors, should present stimulation and provide opportunities for children to explore and be active.

Children benefit immensely from having access to a wide selection of multi-sensory and natural resources which capitalise on their sense of curiosity and creativity.

Play is very powerful in promoting children’s development and learning. It is widely known that children need the freedom to play, to practise skills, explore the world around them, and develop knowledge and understanding in their own way and in their own time.

By playing, children learn and develop as individuals, and as members of the community”

This wee one is well on his way, then!

For further information please contact Lisa MacDonald or email lisamacdonaldcala@gmail.com

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