19-09-13 Kinlochbervie Faroes Trip pt2
A short video of a visit to the Faroe Islands by three young people from Kinlochbervie has been released onto YouTube.

Mark, Hamish, and Michael spent a week on the Faroe Islands back in July as part of a project to foster links between our two communities.

The trip was fortunate to be able to gain seats on a private charter flight direct between Inverness and the Faroes, organised for a number of years by a group of Faroese gardening enthusiasts.

Whilst there, their hosts provided guided walks and tours, visits to a school and museum, and even got to meet the Prime Minister!

There are striking similarities between the Faroes and the north west Highlands - mountainous terrain, rugged coastlines, and the importance of fishing and farming to their economies.

It is hoped that the connections made between our two communities can be maintained in future years.

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