19-06-09 Coastguard Flyby
[Coastguard Helicopter over Kinlochbervie]
One of the Coastguard's search and rescue helicopters flew over Kinlochbervie this morning.

The helicopter is a Sikorsky S92 and one of two that are based at Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. They're a familiar sight in our corner of Britain.
[Coastguard Helicopter over Kinlochbervie]
On this occasion it would appear to have been a training exercise: having left Stornoway the helicopter flew across the Minch to Scourie where it followed the road to Rhiconich, then turning west and flying down Loch Inchard to Kinlochbervie before heading back across the Minch to Stornoway once more.

As they flew above the harbour one of the crew was taking a photograph as the enlargement on the right shows.

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