18-09-09 By The Wind Sailors
The stiff southerly wind today brought ashore a treat for anyone interested in sealife when small numbers of these By The Wind Sailors were left stranded on Oldshoremore Beach.

No more than three inches long, these deep blue creatures have no means of propulsion other than the transparent 'sail' that grows from the surface of their raft-like bodies.

By The Wind Sailors (Velella velella) are a colony creature, or Hydrozoa, consisting of a multitude of tiny creatures combined together and serving specific tasks.

They catch and digest fish or shrimp eggs and other plankton by way of tiny poison-loaded tentacles which are harmless to humans.

Interesting enough they come in right- and left-handed varieties, distinguished by which side the sail bends towards.
By The Wind Sailor, Oldshoremore, Kinlochbervie]
By The Wind Sailor, Oldshoremore, Kinlochbervie]

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