18-08-11 Passage of a Queen
A substantial part of the new Royal Navy aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth will be passing Kinlochbervie later today.
BBC News reported on the massive ship-part's embarkation from BAE Systems in Glasgow to Rosyth where the vessel will be assembled.

Two Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers are under construction and will be the largest vessels ever to enter service with the Royal Navy - that's assuming they ever do. Controversy surrounds the vessels, with there being no aircraft suitable for flying off them for some years to come, and at least one of the two immediately being moth-balled upon completion.

The barge carrying the block section, together with it's attendant tugs, is currently just north of the Stornaway-Ullapool ferry route and should be passing Kinlochbervie sometime during the middle part of the afternoon.

You can follow it's progress via the Minch Shipping section of this website. The tugs Eraclea and Svitzer Pembroke are both visible on AIS.
[(C)BAE Systems]

The barge passed Kinlochbervie at around 2pm, and at roughly 15 miles distance.

It was still a distinctly larger than average vessel.
[Carrier Block Passing Kinlochbervie]

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