18-05-14 A Step in the Right Direction
Notice something missing?

Yes! That hideous sign on the south side of Laxford Bridge that served no useful purpose and obscured the view on the approach to the bridge has gone!

Continued pressure from Kinlochbervie Community Council resulted in a site visit with Highland Council to discuss the safety concerns and possible solutions.

[Progress with Laxford Road Improvements Debate]Even before the meeting they'd agreed that something needed doing about the sign which obscured the view and was a distraction to motorists approaching from the south.

The other main concern was that motorists approaching from the north were forced to move onto the right-hand side of the road without having a clear view of traffic already on the bridge.

Highland Council tried to make this an issue about speed rather than vision but agreed there was poor visibility caused, in part, by trees and other foliage.

The suggestion to move the chicane closer to the bridge, thus giving motorists an unimpeded view prior to them having to manouvre around it, was dismissed with very little consideration by the Council.

At the end of the meeting it was agreed that, in addition to the removal of the sign, the Estate would be approached with a view to trimming back the foliage and felling some trees with the Council installing a speed warning device (similar to that on the approach to Lairg) as well as rumble-strips to remind motorists that they were approaching a traffic control location.

Highland Council's offer to install traffic lights on the bridge was rejected out of hand.

It remains to be seen whether any of these alterations will result in a safer road but the Council have assured us that they will attend more site meetings if required and haven't ruled-out further changes to the situation.

Attending for Highland Council were Colin Howell, Garry Smith, and Drew Anderson. For Kinlochbervie CC were John Mann and Gary Sutherland, with Donald Fisher for Scourie CC. Attending from the community were Graham Wild, Sam Barnes and James Pirie.

Let's all hope that in the mean time there are no serious accidents or fatalities because, quite frankly, if there are then the blood will be on Highland Council's hands...

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