17-08-10 Trouble With Traffic
Tourists caused chaos on the Durness to Kinlochbervie road this afternoon.

Two cars carrying foreign tourists on the single track road caused delay to a number of vehicles, one of them carrying a volunteer fireman responding to an emergency call-out.

Despite headlight flashes and sounded horns they refused to pull over and allow the following vehicles to pass them until reaching the dualed section just north of Rhiconich.

At one point they used a video camera to record the chaos they were causing behind them.

In another incident a few weeks ago a visiting vehicle, climbing the hill from Oldshoremore beach, forced a descending vehicle to reverse uphill and around a blind corner back to the cattle grid.

Presumably they were either unable or unwilling to roll their vehicle back a few yards to a gateway where there would have been sufficient width for the vehicles to have passed safely.

[Traffic Chaos - Kinlochbervie]
We love where we live and we love it that so many people want to visit and share it with us, and it's only a tiny minority of visitors that cause problems on our narrow roads.

Please remember that not every car on the road here has all the time in the world. As with the rest of the UK there are tradespeople on their way to jobs, parents on the school run, firemen, ambulance personnel, and doctors on their way to emergencies, and the rest of us just on our way somewhere or heading home.

The passing places are there for a reason. Please use them.

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