17-05-12 Visit Scotland to Visit Kinlochbervie
Regular visitors to the website will perhaps recall that Visit Scotland have taken more than a little criticism for failing to promote the north and northwest of Scotland, advising tourists that"'There's nothing there."

Well, they seem to have taken that criticism on board and are proposing two fact-finding trips to the region in order to experience the attractions that the area has to offer visitors.

The precise dates and details of the visits are still to be confirmed but are expected to be during June.

The format of the visit is likely to involve a whistle-stop tour of Kinlochbervie and its surrounding townships, as far down the road as its possible to get, followed by a static photographic display of local attractions.

This is a very important opportunity for the community to get across the message to Visit Scotland that "Yes, actually there's quite a lot up here!"

If you have a tourism-related business, are thinking of starting one, or are interested in promoting our area and would like to be involved please contact Gary Sutherland or email gary@kinlochbervie.info

We may not get an opportunity like this again for a long time so let's grab it with both hands!

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