17-04-13 Next Generation Broadband Update
More details are beginning to trickle out about the 146 million project to bring the next generation of fibre-optic broadband to 84% of Highlands and Islands homes and businesses.
[Next Generation Broadband - But will it come to Kinlochbervie]The plan is to extend the existing high speed backbone with more than 800km of new fibre-optic cable, with additional links to kerbside cabinets.

The latest diagram and notes seem to suggest a new connection will be installed along the west cost from Ullapool to Scourie and then on to Durness but no hint is given as to whether the Kinlochbervie telephone exchange will also be included.

At present the fastest broadband speed available in Kinlochbervie is 8mb/s. This is a physical limitation of the equipment installed in the exchange, despite what some optimistic tele-sales people have been telling people in an effort to get them to change suppliers. The further you are from the exchange then the slower your connection, with some subscribers lucky if they get just 1mb/s.

The latest information can be found on the Highlands and Islands Enterprise website.

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