17-03-12 Fish2Dish Finale
Earlier this month we saw the culmination of a project by school children in the northwest of Sutherland who for three months have been studying the importance of seafood, both as a healthy and sustainable eating option as well as its importance to the local economy.

Pupils from Kinlochbervie, Scourie, Achfary and Durness Primary Schools, together with Kinlochbervie High School, explored the different types of fish, how they are reared or caught, and what happens to them before they end up on our dinner plates.

Local businesses have been closely involved throughout the project with site visits to Loch Duart salmon fishery and Kinlochbervie harbour, and demonstrations on gutting, filleting and preparing of fish for consumption.

The finale was a two-day exercise in the design, manufacture and packaging of a fish-based meal during which teams of pupils had to prepare a dish, devise a presentation and make a video advertisement. The presentations took place in Kinlochbervie’s fish market where a team of industry-related judges decided the winning team.
[Fish2Dish - Kitted out for a visit to Loch Duart Salmon][Fish2Dish - Dishes prepared by the pupils]
[Fish2Dish - Winning Team with Judges]
The winning team, West Coast Catch, with the judges: Stuart Cooper (Kinlochbervie Fish Selling Company), Shona Marshall (North West Sutherland Fisheries Trust), Donald Mitchell (Highland Council Countryside Ranger), and Mark Woods (Loch Duart Salmon), and were assisted by Catriona Franketti (Seafood in Schools).

Special thanks were given to the skipper and crew of the MFV Venture II (BF326) who supplied the fish.

We're pleased to add that both the Northern Times newspaper and the Fishing News also printed this article.

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