16-08-09 Ready for the Rut
[Red deer stag at Kylesku, near Kinlochbervie]Red deer have begun coming down from the hills as the rutting season approaches.

Large groups of stags and hinds have been seen close to the single-track road between Kinlochbervie and Lairg.

Motorists are warned to take special care, particularly at night, as they have a habit of appearing out of nowhere and venturing onto the road.

Some people have taken to fitting a deer whistle to their cars which supposedly emanates an ultrasonic noise that warns deer of your approach. Whether this device does anything or not, it can't hurt to have it fitted.

Britain's largest native mammal, they are substantial animals and would do a lot of damage to a car in the event of a collision.

I photographed this particular stag down by Kylesku bridge last year and it is pretty much typical of these magnificent beasts - majestic to observe, and delicious to eat!

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