16-06-13 Whale I Never
The body of a Sowerby's Beaked Whale was washed up at Droman Pier this weekend.

[Sowerbys Beaked Whale at Dromon Pier, Kinlochbervie]

Identifying beaked whales can, to an extent, be helped by examining the tail which unlike most other whale species doesn't have a central notch.
These photos were taken after the marine biologists from the Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme had taken their samples and are slightly gory, but not half as gory as the photos I decided not to put online.

This particular type of whale is quite a rare find as they are normally a deep water mammal.

According to the sampling team it appears likely that this individual, measuring 10-11ft in length, was the victim of a collision with a ship or boat.

[Sowerbys Beaked Whale at Dromon Pier, Kinlochbervie]

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