16-04-10 Dribbling for Charity
[Kinlochbervie Camanachd]Kinlochbervie Camanachd, the shinty team, are doing a sponsored shinty dribble tomorrow.

Starting from Laxford Bridge at 11am on Saturday morning, they'll dribble a shinty ball all the way back to the Kinlochbervie Hotel.

If you happen to see them along the way give them a toot and drop a few coins in their collection bucket.

The money raised will be split between the shinty club funds and the charity Transplant Sport UK.

The team had a very successful trip last week when they played in a tournament in Ullapool, winning two out of the three matches they played. Full report on the team's website: www.kinlochbervie-camanachd.co.uk

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