15-10-09 Boom!
The RAF's bomb disposal unit were called-out today to attend to a phosporus flare washed up on Oldshoremore Beach today.

Phosphurus flares used by navy vessels, such as those taking part in the exercise Joint Warrior at the moment, are generally just dumped over the side when they're finished with yet can still contain significant amounts of unburnt phospurus.

When these wash ashore, as this one did, and dry out they can spontaneously ignite, posing a very real risk to members of the public.

Depending upon type these flares can resemble a short length of pipe, sometimes cream or yellow, sometimes metal.

Sometimes the bomb disposal team simply burn them but on this occasion they chose to destroy it by detonation.

If you should come across one *DO NOT* touch it. Dial 999, ask for the Coastguard and report it.
[Watch out for phosphurus flares on Oldshoremore Beach, Kinlochbervie]

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