15-07-13 Doggy Business
Following complaints about the amount of dog mess in the vicinity of the nursery and village hall, one of Highland Council's dog wardens will be paying a visit to Kinlochbervie towards the end of next week.[Dog

By and large, dog-fouling isn't a major problem in most parts of Kinlochbervie but there are one of two 'hot spots', such as by the nursery and in the area of the garage and Spar.

Where doggie-bags and bins are provided they do seem to be being used, so perhaps additional bins are the answer?

People have already remarked upon the extra signs that have sprung up, reminding dog-owners that by not cleaning-up after their dogs they are committing an offence.

Dog poo contains the eggs of a parasitic worm, the toxocara, that lives inside the dog. If these find their way inside a human they can lead to blindness, the commonest way this can happen is by them getting onto someone's hands and from their into the mouth or eyes.

The publicity has caused people to ask whether there is any risk from sheep droppings and it is hoped that the dog warden will be able to shed some light on this when they visit.

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