15-02-10 The Odd Couple
You never quite know what you're going to come across when you're walking along the beach.

I found these two interesting creatures on Oldshoremore beach a couple of days ago.

The first is a hermit crab, minus his usual borrowed shell and we assumed he had somehow become separated from it or had out-grown it and was looking for a larger one.

The second appeared to be a sea anemone but not one I'd seen before.

It was only later when I'd done a bit of research that full story became apparent.

The anemone is one of a type called cloak anemones and they form a partnership with the hermit crab, taking the place of the more usual shell.

The hermit crab supplies the anemone with a steady source of food and in return the anemone protects the crab from predators by way of its stinging tentacles.

Quite how they'd become separated on the beach is unclear but it seems likely they were the two halves of this symbiotic relationship.

Sadly we were unable to reunite the two as our terrier took it into his head to make off with the crab and have it for lunch!
[Hermit Crab - Oldshoremore - Kinlochbervie]
[Cloak Anemone - Oldshoremore - Kinlochbervie]

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