14-09-12 Lights Out
Electricity supplies to Kinlochbervie and the surrounding area were cut for around three hours last night after a falling tree brough down lines near to Achfary.

[Power Cut Strikes Kinlochbervie]The power cut struck at around 7pm and coincided with strong gales, however unconfirmed reports suggest the tree that did the damage wasn't blown down but was in the process of being felled.

Scottish Hydro's initial estimate was that we wouldn't get the power back until after midnight but in the event the lights came back on at just after 10pm.

Another victim of the stormy weather was Chris Brooks's Shockwave catamaran moored in Kinlochbervie Harbour. A combination of choppy water and strong gusts turned it over and wrecked the mast.

Chris is currently trying to arrange for a replacement to be shipped up to Kinlochbervie so that he can continue with his round-Britain attempt and raise thousands for charity.
[Power Cut Strikes Kinlochbervie]

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