14-08-10 Tiger Tiger - Burning Bright
This gorgeous Garden Tiger Moth was spotted resting on a windowsill at the Kinlochbervie Hotel on Thursday.

In other parts of the world it is sometimes called the Giraffe Tiger Moth, due to the shape of its wing markings, or the Giant Tiger Moth in the USA (but then they are known for exaggerating things over there). It's about as long as an adult's thumb.

A couple of days earlier this quite large caterpillar was spotted on the machair behind Oldshoremore Beach. This will turn into a Tiger Moth in the coming weeks. My 9 year old daughter is holding it, to give some scale.
[Garden Tiger Moth - Arctia caja - seen at the Kinlochbervie Hotel]

[Garden Tiger Moth - Arctia caja - seen at the Kinlochbervie Hotel]

Thursday also saw a fresh batch of volunteers undergoing MIDAS training in order that they can act as drivers for the Community Minibus.

Six new drivers underwent training with one existing driver in for a refresher.

Training included attitudes and reactions to other road users, defensive driving and risk identification, plus operation of the tail-lift and safe securing of wheelchair passengers.

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