14-08-10 Busy Overhead
It's been busy in the air above Kinlochbervie this week.

RAF activity has been quiet while the BBC have been diving on the bombing range at Cape Wrath but elsewhere the Coastguard helicopter spent hours searching for a missing hill-walker on Monday.

The search stood-down at sunset with the walker still missing. She was found uninjured the following morning by a Mountain Rescue volunteer who was returning to resume the search and encountered her by the roadside.

The Coastguard helicopter was busy again the next day when it was called upon to evacuate a medical emergency to Inverness. Our photo shows Coastguard helicopter G-SARC on the ground at Kinlochbervie, waiting for the patient.

On Thursday it was the air ambulance who were in action after Kinlochbervie's fire crew were called-in to assist with moving a patient. The air ambulance is a significantly smaller helicopter than that of the Coastguard's Sikorsky S92 but is frequently engaged elsewhere.

This reliance on helicopters for medical transfers might seem strange to people living elsewhere in the UK but consider that the equivalent ambulance journey by road takes between three and four hours. The helicopter takes just 25 minutes meaning the patient gets treatment far more quickly, and can quite possibly make the difference between life and death in extreme cases.
[Coastguard Helicopter G-SARC at Kinlochbervie]

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