14-06-10 Primary School Staffing Meeting
[Staffing Meeting at Kinlochbervie Primary School]An important second meeting will take place at Kinlochbervie Primary School on Thursday of this week to discuss future staffing plans.

Children are notorious for forgetting to give their parents letters and notices from school and this may be the reason why the previous meeting - just a couple of weeks ago - wasn't better attended.

Some parents only found out about the meeting minutes before it was scheduled to start and many others remained blissfully ignorant of the whole event until after it had finished.
[Staffing Meeting at Kinlochbervie Primary School]
The Highland Council are proposing to replace one of the current teachers, Robert MacDonald who came to us last year, with another probationary teachers on a one year contract - a policy that could see a succession of new teachers joining then leaving the school.

This means the children would have a new teacher each year - hardly good for consistency or the building of a long-term rapport with the pupils but no doubt there will be financial savings for the Council.

It would also make it much easier for the Council to reduce staffing levels at the school should they so wish to do so, such as if there is a fall in the number of pupils.

At the last meeting there was sufficient disagreement with this policy that a further meeting was requested and that senior managers from Highland Council attend.
This meeting will now take place on Thursday, 17 June 2010 at 4pm in the Primary School. All parents are urged to attend as this decision will have long-term implications for the future staffing of the school and your children's education.

Attending the meeting for Highland Council will be Graham Nicolls - Education Manager, and Bill Couston - Senior Education Officer. Their contact details can be found here on the Highland Council website.

If for any reason you are unable to attend but would like your views to be heard please contact head teacher Jill Bruce, Jenny Corbett or, presumably, any other members of the Parent Council.

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