14-03-09 Egg Race Round-up
There was a very good turnout last night for the 7th Great Egg Race competition down at the school.

Sixteen teams took part, designing and constructing electrically powered buggies to carry their Eggstronaut safely across a planet's hazard-strwen surface, as well as some very imaginately created replica aliens.

Despite their best efforts only two teams' buggies made it all the way across unaided - those of the Red Nose Aliens and the Funky Girls & Dylan.

The honours of the night went to the Red Nose Aliens whose buggy got to the other side just 2 seconds faster than the other.

Congratulations to winning team Christopher, Spike, Rosie and Jessica, and well done to everyone who took part and helped raise money for Comic Relief.

Same place, same time, next year!

[More photos from the event can be seen by clicking the buggy to the right.]
[The Great Egg Race 2009, at Kinlochbervie]

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