13-12-10 There Aint Nothing Like A Dame
Kinlochbervie After School Group paid their annual visit to Eden Court in Inverness on Saturday to go to the pantomime.

This year's panto is Beauty and the Beast, and it was another first class production by Eden Court.

Kinlochbervie Primary School teacher Graham Gaw found himself roped-in as the pantomime Dame's 'Grotty Totty', whose first task was to don waterproof clothing...

The panto proceded in traditional fashion, with plenty of slap-stick fun involving the Dame and her son plus, of course, Graham.

All in all a very enjoyable trip. Well done everyone involved in organising it.
[Kinlochbervie After School Group] [Kinlochbervie After School Group]
More photos from the panto can be found here: Link to Flickr
[Kinlochbervie After School Group]

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