13-09-10 Fast Broadband Project
Kinlochbervie Community Company is championing a project to bring fast wi-fi broadband to our community.

Kinlochbervie Community Company

Fast Broadband Project

The government has a Leader-funded project to provide better broadband to rural communities for which the closing date is October 2010.

We have the opportunity to create a local wi-fi network giving faster, modern speeds of 14MB or more.

We need as many people as possible to register an interest and become involved for this to happen.

Capital costs funding is only available for a limited time so get in at the start or miss out financially.
[Faster Broadband Project for Kinlochbervie]
[Faster Broadband Project for Kinlochbervie]
This is a project that will benefit the whole community so please get involved.

Broadband is seen in the modern world as being as important as your basic utilities: electricity, water, etc.

Norway had 8MB broadband five years ago. Most UK cities have 20MB or better. People living in Korea have access to 100MB broadband!

With the current economic climate it is unlikely that the funds to do this will be available again for some time.
If our community can provide the structure to give it faster broadband it will benefit all of us - individuals, local businesses, and the youth of tomorrow.

What seems fast today will soon become inadequate as new technologies emerge and we will be in danger of being left behind.

To register an interest please contact the company secretary, Elaine McHugh, either by telephone on KLB 521040 or email to elaine.mchugh2@btinternet.com

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